Cloud & Infrastructure

‘Ghost buses’ haunt transit agencies and frustrate riders

Transit agencies should release canceled or delayed bus data to the public to avoid unhappy travelers, experts say.

Michigan embraces ‘Clean Slate’ program without applications

State officials aim to automatically expunge certain criminal records to remove hurdles to jobs and housing.

A new initiative seeks to help small cities access infrastructure funding

The program will work with communities to assemble strong grant applications that can win some of the billions of dollars available.

SAFHER cloud-based platform for regulating food and agriculture comes closer to fruition

The System for Agriculture, Food, Health, E-Inspections, and Registration enterprise platform will replace the legacy systems USA Food Safety and USA Plants.

How one state cut its vehicle titling time down to a few days

West Virginia is the first state in the nation to digitize its titling process, but a DMV overhaul must be handled with care.

States look to speed fiber installation across railroad tracks

Virginia’s legislature wants to cap crossing fees and speed up the review process, but railroad companies say current practices protect safety.

Tech gig workers love the flexibility, report finds

As the government looks to fill tech positions, it could consider offering some of the benefits that workers like about freelancing, such as flexibility and remote work.

Challenges quickly test creative solutions to operational snags

Long Beach’s annual smart city challenge focuses on improving customer satisfaction with service delivery.

‘If we can do it, why can’t you?’ local gov tech veteran asks

Jack Kennedy reflects on a career breaking the mold and bringing innovation to rural Virginia’s Wise County and City of Norton Circuit Court.

Communities are rethinking their push for data centers

More governments are looking into the environmental effects of data centers on neighborhoods.

Future-proofing smart cities with open standards

Open standards can help smart cities prevent tech obsolescence and maximize growth.

Governor calls for $37M boost in drone funding

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum proposed $30 million for the state’s unmanned aerial system traffic control network and $7 million for a business and aviation park in Grand Forks.

Hinds County electronic system knocked offline, blocking jail, courts and DA communication

A power outage left one county's criminal justice systems unable to share data, blocking individuals from paying bail or being released from jail.

How to effectively build a smart city infrastructure

An integration platform as a service solution supports data integration and cross-platform efficiency for resident health and safety, sustainability efforts and citizen engagement.

Lifting efficiency and innovation with an enterprise platform

One large agency’s hybrid digital platform helped it overcome challenges related to its structure, risk aversion and culture.

Governments view open source as critical for enhancing digital services, experts say

The U.S. government is “still in the process of organizing and coordinating” its own strategy around the use of open source software, according to a CISA official.

City to integrate fleet vehicles with GPS network

Cincinnati aims to modernize its fleet using GPS that tracks vehicle location, collects engine data and improves communication among drivers and dispatch.