Census targets data modernization, cybersecurity ahead of 2030 rollout

Officials at the Census Bureau want to give the agency’s operations a strong, data-centric approach to collecting and securing American demographic information.

Are we building cyber vulnerability into EV charging infrastructure?

Amid a nationwide push to electrify transportation, observers said that cybersecurity doesn’t get appropriate attention.

Ransomware response requires better federal, state, local coordination

Federal agencies most involved with cybersecurity should improve communication with each other and with other levels of government, GAO said.

Latest guidance outlines customer responsibilities for software security

The guide provides recommendations for software supply chain security throughout the product lifecycle, from procurement to deployment.

How one state’s phishing training evolves with threats

Indiana regularly tests employees on various platforms and attachment formats, including prompts related to headline news and retests of scams those that have proved difficult for workers to catch.

CISA highlights space, bioeconomy as possible new critical infrastructure sectors

The agency also suggested existing sectors be consolidated and that there is a need for some agencies to exercise greater authority over private-sector entities.

Twitter turbulence under Elon Musk poses headache for governments

States and localities have come to depend on the social media platform to get information out in emergencies and other situations. But a surge in imposter accounts has some worried.

Groups at risk for hate crimes can tap new cyber funds

Nonprofits applying for funding to combat hate crimes in New York can now include cybersecurity projects in their applications.

Automation key to vulnerability management, CISA says

By automating vulnerability disclosure, organizations can more easily categorize their exposure and limit impacts.

Emerging tech can protect critical infrastructure from cyberattacks

A cyber-resilient digital infrastructure requires a combination of emerging technologies and risk mitigation, DARPA and CISA officials advise.

Securing IoT requires government, industry collaboration

As government looks to adopt procurement regulations for internet-connected devices, industry stakeholders are skeptical.

No ‘specific or credible’ cyber threats affected integrity of midterms, CISA says

Despite “a handful” of DDoS attacks targeting state and local election websites and some technical glitches affecting voting equipment, CISA says it saw “no activity” that should undermine faith in the results of the midterm elections.

Voting machine myths likely to increase during and after midterms, report finds

Cybersecurity firm Recorded Future identified mis- and disinformation campaigns suggesting that voting machines from three major companies “will be used to falsify the results of the midterms.”

Cyber range looks to inspire next generation of talent

The Louisiana-backed range will provide hands-on training for K-12 students nationwide and help fill the cyber workforce pipeline.

Cybersecurity front and center in voting innovation

Ensuring votes have a paper trail is a far better solution than relying on emerging, unproven technologies, election security experts say.

FCC proposes to strengthen cybersecurity of emergency alert systems

Emergency alert system participants would be required to disclose cyber breaches within 72 hours of discovery.