Data & Analytics

Hurricane hunters are flying through Ian’s powerful winds to get the forecasts you rely on

Here’s what happens when the plane plunges into the eyewall of a storm.

Public health data still facing challenges despite previous recommendations, watchdog says

Deficiencies in common data standards, interoperability and public health IT infrastructure across different states made it difficult to collect and work with COVID data, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Detroit sues the U.S. Census Bureau over alleged undercounts

The Census Bureau contends that Detroit lost 7,100 residents from 2020 to 2021, but Mayor Mike Duggan said that number is inaccurate.

Investigators tap data, tech, tipsters to root out fraudsters

While prevention is the best defense against fraud, waste and abuse, the majority of state and local government analysts say they have the tools and resources they need to unravel complex webs of fraud, a recent survey says.

Dashboard showcases local-level census data

Data Explorer allows city officials and residents in Takoma Park, Maryland, to explore detailed demographic data on their community.

Math could help crack forensic genetic cases 10x faster

Using a mathematical probability theory, forensic scientists can match DNA to unidentified persons and their relatives more efficiently.

Department of Transportation investing $160M for tech-centric projects

Two programs, SMART Grants and ATTAIN, will dole out millions over five years as the Biden administration plans a U.S. transportation overhaul.

Charm City steps up digital initiatives

Baltimore aims to improve delivery of core city services and bring the city in line with established best practices in civic technology.

Local gov keeps project knowledge from walking out the door

eProject eXpress tracks energy project information and verified savings, keeping all the important data, pictures and documents throughout the performance period and beyond.

White House looks to government and community data collaboration to promote equity

The administration wants to hear how best to encourage collaborations that facilitate producing, accessing and using equitable data.

The national broadband rollout has a blind spot: Lack of accurate, transparent data about internet access speeds

Because there are no federally set standards for measuring broadband service speeds, there is no clear way to tell whether customers are getting what they pay for.

FAA launches data visualization dashboard to better inform public about the national airspace

New interactive ‘Fact Book’ hopes to make the FAA’s collected data on the U.S. aviation sector easier for readers to comprehend.

How integrated city data ensures social services delivery

Philadelphia’s Office of Integrated Data for Evidence and Action has been analyzing cross-program data to improve outreach to residents who qualify for assistance but have not applied.

Prioritize equity analysis in agency planning, governor says

An executive order requires California agencies to advance equity in their strategic plans by gathering and analyzing data from historically disadvantaged and underserved communities.

Alaska automates tax collection from out-of-state sales

An online portal helps local governments with remote sales tax collection, remittance and enforcement.

State pulls in $9M to improve public safety, justice IT systems

The funds will help West Virginia modernize IT systems and improve back-end services that will help protect the public.

New dashboard tracks climate data, projects extreme weather events

The Climate Mapping for Resilience and Adaptation portal tracks real-time and location-specific information about extreme weather threats and shares resources about federal funding opportunities and case studies of how communities are navigating climate threats.