Emerging Tech

NIST measures trees’ impact on 5G networks

As cities roll out 5G networks, researchers are helping calculate signal loss caused by foliage.

Army to Deploy Virtual Reality Capabilities to Combat Sexual Assault

Lessons on regulatory guidance and more will be provided through the potential new training.

IARPA's SMART e-PANTS to design responsive clothing

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity wants electronic components it can stitch into textiles that will adapt to changes in the external environment or user input.

Forest Service partners on development of handheld spectrometer

The handheld device -- already used by federal agencies to detect chemicals, explosives and other drugs – will be enhanced to analyze toxic pesticides used in marijuana fields illegally planted on federal lands.

Alexa, Webex headed to the moon

Custom-built versions of Amazon's Alexa digital voice assistant and Cisco's Webex video collaboration software will be tested on NASA's unmanned Orion spacecraft as it travels to the moon and back.

NWS seeks machine learning to translate hurricane warnings

To better serve Spanish speaking communities across the country, the National Weather Service is looking for machine learning powered translation.

Blockchain Organization Tests Web3 Premise by Hosting NYC Data

The city's open data on demographics, air quality and legal notices was uploaded to Filecoin’s distributed network to evaluate its security and reliability.

James Webb Space Telescope: An astronomer on the team explains how to send a giant telescope to space – and why

With the space telescope, scientists can study how stars form in the Milky Way, the atmospheres of planets outside the Solar System and distant galaxies close to the edge of observable universe.

Are we prepared for quantum-based security?

While 90% of federal respondents to a recent survey said they will be ready to defend against quantum-powered attacks expected in the next two years, they may not fully grasp how much work lies ahead, an expert says.

Self-driving shuttle program planned for NJ city

The Trenton Mobility & Opportunity: Vehicles Equity System Project aims to bring 100 self-driving electric shuttles to the state capital’s 90,000 residents.

AF’s counter-drone tech nears completion

The easily transportable device uses high-power microwaves to disrupt drone swarms.

How quantum computing will transform government IT

This new technology offers military and economic benefits, but it also puts the nation’s most critical secrets -- and in fact, all digital infrastructures -- at risk.

NASA testing space-to-Earth optical communications

The Laser Communications Relay Demonstration will validate sending and receiving high-resolution images and videos from geosynchronous orbit to ground stations in California and Hawaii.

NYC eyes drones for building inspections

New York City’s Department of Buildings has found that experienced building safety inspectors using drones can conduct enhanced visual reviews of building façade with greater efficiency.

VA exploring emerging health care tech

The Department of Veterans Affairs is conducting market research on innovative health care solutions, from advanced manufacturing and digital twins to artificial intelligence, immersive-reality simulations and blockchain solutions.

Medical response app for mass casualty incidents

The Resource Information Tracking and Medical Communications Application will not only allow clinicians and local responders to chat and videoconference, but it will also create a common operating picture for officials managing a disaster.

DARPA seeks ‘top chef’ for 3D printed food

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants ideas for turning cellular biomass into safe, visually appealing, edible and palatable food that can support the military and civilians when traditional food is unavailable.