Allies & Partners: Trends in Coalition Warfare

<p>Russian and Chinese aggression and threats have brought the United States and&nbsp;its allies closer than ever. Read Defense One&rsquo;s expert reporting, analysis, and commentary on what this means for&nbsp;the future planners and suppliers of US security, NATO, European strategic autonomy, and Indo-Pacific partnerships.&nbsp;</p>

Avoiding Security Breaches and Audit Failures with Qualys

<p>Government agency Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are challenged with budget constraints, staff shortages, confusing vendor claims, and frequent regulatory changes. They must meet tight deadlines for dozens of new security and compliance requirements while preventing and remediating increasingly sophisticated and aggressive cyberattacks. They must ensure any solutions used meet FedRAMP and other government requirements while meeting budget and staff constraints.</p> <p></p> <p>Leaders with federal, local, and state governments need a proven and certified security platform. Qualys GovCloud can help government agencies transform cybersecurity challenges from mission impossible to mission accomplished.</p>

SBOMs: You Can’t Secure What You Don’t Know

<p>Modern applications are an amalgamation of open source software components, packages, and microservices. The complexity of tracking down Log4j demonstrates the challenges of securing these applications and the need for a software bill of materials (SBOM), which is garnering increasing interest. This ebook introduces SBOMs, explains why they&rsquo;re needed, the role they play in application security, and how to generate them.</p>

Federal Data Collaboration: Fact or Fantasy?

A discussion with federal leaders about the challenges and promise of federal data sharing

Evolving at the Pace of Cyber Threats: How to Address Gaps in Federal Security

<p>Digital landscapes are becoming increasingly interconnected and threat actors are dedicating significant resources to disrupt critical systems across civil government, defense, intelligence and private industries. But as cybersecurity remains a top priority for federal agencies, leaders are tasked with identifying challenges to securing the national cyber landscape<br /> and formulating actionable steps to address those gaps.</p>

The State of Cloud Native Security: 2023 Report

<p>The Palo Alto Networks &ldquo;The State of Native Cloud Security 2023 Report&rdquo; is now available. How are organizations choosing security tools, and how are those tools being operationalized? Which practices are producing the best security outcomes, and which are hampering efforts? We explored these questions and others in our annual multi-industry survey on the state of cloud-native security.</p>

Foglight for Cross-Platform Databases

<p><strong>Proactively monitor the health and performance of all your database platforms.&nbsp;</strong>With Foglight&nbsp;for Databases, DBAs gain unprecedented visibility across their database platforms. From one simple-to-use console, they can quickly diagnose and resolve emerging issues to prevent business interruption.&nbsp;</p> <p>For more information about Foglight for Databases, please fill&nbsp;out the form to learn how we can help you monitor your database platform.</p>

Cutting The Red Tape: Why Governments Are Investing In Digital Workflows

<p>A perfect storm of mandates, needs and money is having a big effect on state, local and federal document workflows. These factors coincide with a renewed focus on going digital, according to a new survey of 602 senior digital and technology executives conducted by Forbes Insights in association with Adobe and Microsoft. Fifty of those respondents worked in government, either in the United States or Europe. Given where governments started before the pandemic and where many ended up, it makes sense that 90% of government CIOs said they plan to increase their budgets for digital workflow solutions in the coming year. In addition, 62% said they are reevaluating their workflows and internal processes to achieve higher operating excellence. This report will explore how government IT is changing how it looks at document workflows and internal processes.</p>

Transforming Program Management: Building a Connected Ecosystem

<p>Today, many program managers are not provided with the digital tools to evaluate their performance against contract schedules, evaluate risks, and provide foresight into program financial performance. The overall outcome is an inherently inefficient ecosystem that makes the job of these program managers even harder.</p> <p>Download this whitepaper to learn how Salesforce is&nbsp;simplifying program management processes, enhancing collaboration, improving visibility and reducing risks for businesses.</p>

The U.S. Department of Defense Relies on Mattermost on Platform One for Secure Communication, Collaboration, and Workflow Orchestration

<p>From feature tickets to flight plans, information sharing is an essential part of daily operations across the U.S. Department of Defense. But with a highly distributed team and heavy compliance and security demands, sharing communication and documents can become a significant challenge.</p> <p></p> <p>Organizations across the DoD trust Mattermost on Platform One to share information, ask questions, and collaborate. Platform One uses Mattermost Enterprise to help support the large-scale modernization of communication and collaboration across the DoD.</p> <p></p> <p>Download this case study to learn how Mattermost:</p> <ul> <li>Enables secure, reliable cross-organizational communication</li> <li>Provides extensibility to scale repetitive workflows</li> <li>Ensures the DoD complete data sovereignty, while increasing mission velocity and safety</li> </ul>

Mattermost Government Solutions Guide: Bringing modern collaboration to governments around the globe

<p>Government agencies are under constant pressure to do more with less. Mission-oriented organizations need innovative ideas, teamwork, and alignment around shared goals.<br /> <br /> Mattermost helps deliver better government services by connecting people and workflows to drive digital operations.<br /> <br /> Download this guide to learn:</p> <ul> <li>Why governments worldwide trust Mattermost to help them digitize operations</li> <li>How Mattermost gives your organization a single, unified platform for modern collaboration</li> <li>How Mattermost helps teams meet strict security, privacy, and compliance requirements</li> </ul>

4 Ways Data Visibility and Integration Are Aligning Government Missions

<p>Data has become a crucial element of effective governance and mission success. But massive amounts of information overwhelm data centers and make it difficult for agencies to narrow their focus. To remedy this, agencies are exploring new methods of data governance that help them break down data silos, think innovatively, improve efficiency, and connect programs with the larger agency and government mission.</p>

3 Strategies Local Governments Should Implement to Help Create a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Culture in 2023

<p>Local government IT leaders often face expectations from leadership to create a robust cybersecurity environment. Of course, no local government (or any organization) will ever be 100% risk-free, largely in part to the human element. How can local IT leaders set realistic expectations around reducing the risk profile, while creating a security-first culture in their organizations?</p> <p>The Atlas hosted a roundtable discussion with nine local government IT leaders to hear about the biggest cybersecurity priorities they faced in 2022, and how those lessons learned are shaping their 2023 strategies to build a more comprehensive culture of cyber-awareness and security in their organizations.</p> <p>Download to learn about these strategies.</p>

Achieving the Balance

<p>Achieve greater call center efficiency while mitigating fraud and providing an exceptional constituent experience.&nbsp;</p> <p>Constituents expect the same level of customer service when interacting with government agencies as they encounter in the private sector, and your contact center is often the most common interaction point. Constituents are looking for friendly and secure interactions with government agencies, and that means reducing time wasted on unnecessary identity interrogation. With the right contact center solutions, you can increase internal&nbsp;efficiency, mitigate fraud, and provide the secure and exceptional caller experience that your constituents crave.&nbsp;</p> <p>Download the &quot;Achieving the Balance&quot; white paper to learn how fraudsters take advantage of contact centers, and how you can implement the right solutions to thwart their efforts while providing an exceptional user experience.&nbsp;</p>

Zero Trust in Action

<p>The Department of Defense (DoD) is evolving to become a more agile, mobile, cloud-supported workforce, and the Zero Trust Framework is the strategy to get there. Yet action plans for bringing security up to speed and then surpassing commercial cybersecurity standards are largely left up to each organization.&nbsp;</p> <p></p> <p>This eBook will help chart a course and accelerate your progress &ndash; by tackling software development and application security (AppSec). Invicti has developed the technology for AppSec with zero noise, enabling more efficient operations through automation and eliminating false positive vulnerabilities.</p>

Public Sector Solutions

<p>Serve the people faster with
 purpose-built solutions for government.</p>

Complexity Minimized. Performance Optimized.

<p>ThunderCat Technology is a NY certified SDVOSB that delivers technology products and services to</p> <p>government agencies, educational institutions, and commercial enterprises. Specifically, ThunderCat is</p> <p>a systems integrator that brings an objective and innovative approach to solving customer problems</p> <p>in and around the data center including cloud transformations.</p>

Smart Cities

<p>GCN looks at how the expectations for smart cities has changed and what technologies local governments are deploying to bring more intelligence to operations.</p>

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