artificial intelligence

AI in the workplace: Local officials explore responsible use

As more governments experiment with artificial intelligence, local leaders are considering how to leverage AI’s benefits safely and responsibly.

How AI could take over elections – and undermine democracy

An AI-driven political campaign could have grave implications for election outcomes as algorithms manipulate the messages and advertisements individuals see to ultimately sway their voting behavior, experts warn.

White House releases new AI national frameworks, educator recommendations

Three new initiatives offer guidance on developing and deploying responsible AI usage, call for public input on AI risk mitigation and address how educational systems can be improved by AI systems.

Digital twins for cities promising, yet problematic

Complex systems like digital twins pose both technical and adaptive challenges, so communities must ensure they have both the right technology and the people with skills to use and maintain them, a new IDC report advises.

ChatGPT can rapidly build solutions for network defense

A new report outlines how the generative AI tool can quickly build scripts to thwart attackers and identify security vulnerabilities, but stresses that secure and responsible use of the evolving technology is essential.

Housing authority looks to AI for voucher processing

Columbus wants to use an artificial intelligence-based solution to off-load routine tasks from staff and accelerate Housing Choice Voucher processing.

Agencies opting for bots see more efficiency—and resistance

With enterprise automation saving thousands of work hours, IT leaders are looking for ways to introduce the technology to government offices.

NSF jumpstarts regional innovation with $20M awards

The National Science Foundation will fund research in six states to advance energy-water systems, biomanufacturing, health care, wildfire management and artificial intelligence.

New AI research funding to focus on 6 areas

Seven new artificial intelligence laboratories aim to support human health and development research and cyber defenses as well as aid climate-resilient agricultural practices.

Buyer beware: Avoid immature AI solutions

Given the sensitivity of the data state and local governments handle, procurement officers must educate themselves on the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and use caution when considering AI services.

AI exemplifies the 'free rider' problem – here's why that points to regulation

Some public officials and business leaders have called on tech companies to pause AI development to reduce overall risk and ensure benefits are widely distributed, but one expert says enforceable regulations may be necessary.

Conversational query: Kinetica builds ChatGPT front end to SQL database

A ChatGPT-based interface converts natural language questions into structured query language, allowing users to easily explore large, complex datasets.

AI pioneer Geoffrey Hinton says AI is a new form of intelligence unlike our own. Have we been getting it wrong this whole time?

While artificial intelligence outperforms humans in tasks requiring data processing and pattern recognition, people excel in common sense and logic. Two experts discuss the difference, good and bad, between humans adn

Smarter local airports via digital twins

Digital twins can help airport planners effectively manage future renovation projects, monitor daily operations and visualize future scenarios.

AI project targets hidden tax shelters

By flagging unintended consequences of changes to tax policies, AI researchers hope to shut down tax shelters used by sophisticated tax dodgers.

City pilots sensors that track street activity, detect conflicts

The devices will collect data on road users’ speed, turning movements and modes and paths of travel to inform safety initiatives and city planning.

3 in 4 Americans worry AI will take their jobs

A Forbes survey indicates Americans are growing more alarmed about artificial intelligence for a variety of reasons.