Broadband equity impossible without data integrity

Agencies need access to accurate, consistent and contextualized data to close the digital divide.

How automation helps agencies stop emergency relief fraud

Paired with strong management and effective safeguards, automation can help funders streamline and strengthen their reviews without burdening applicants.

Solving the puzzle of shadow IT

Solutions that provide visibility and control over IT assets and data can help agencies secure their blind spots.

Why big data isn’t enough for law enforcement: Investigating with critical thinking

Combining decision intelligence methodologies with big data, AI and machine learning can help analysts make sense of data and analytics insights.

Maximizing once-in-a-lifetime funding through incremental changes

By automating manual processes, migrating to the cloud and enhancing data security, agencies can deliver tangible improvements on citizen and employee experience.

The ‘killer app’ for identification

Few methods of verifying identity are as accurate and secure as biometrics that match a fingerprint, an iris or a face.

The hidden connection between politics and spend management platforms

Bureaucracy and business relationships can stymie the evolution of an agency’s tech stack, preventing efficient, accurate processes for data and spend management.

Addressing the public safety resource crisis

By investing in assistive AI technology, facilitating collaboration and experimenting with new programs, agencies can begin addressing the multilayered challenges facing responders.

The low-code remedy for public health IT

Low-code development gives public health IT experts a powerful tool to respond to new crises quickly and develop the platforms they need to collect and use data to improve community wellness.

How AI speeds time to repair

Artificial intelligence that monitors networks can help teams pinpoint problems and suggest repairs.

Covering the gaps left by the silver tsunami

Before the baby boomers retire and take their institutional knowledge with them, agencies should invest in cloud-based systems that will improve efficiency and attract a younger workforce.

Cloud app modernization: What is it, why should I care and how can I do it?

By rearchitecting apps into a collection of microservices, agencies can reconfigure and redeploy components to unlock productivity, ensure ROI and enhance resilience.

Fight fraud with advanced technology, data and collaborative partnerships

Agencies that can turn the conversation from prosecution to prevention can limit identity theft and the loss of taxpayer dollars.

Consider all options for the $65B in federal broadband funds

An efficient mix of fiber and CBRS-based fixed wireless will ensure maximum impact and the broadest reach.

Intelligent, adaptive emergency response built on AI and 5G

Layering 5G with various forms of artificial intelligence can enable a network topology that’s situationally aware—intelligent enough to automatically and rapidly sense and evolve with changing conditions.

How database DevOps can modernize government IT and mitigate risk

By including databases in the DevOps workflow, agencies can reduce the attack surface and keep data safe, minimize human error and limit the damage from data breaches.

The metaverse holds big opportunities for the public sector

It’s poised to revolutionize how governments train employees, deliver services and manage systems.