critical infrastructure

New York gives cyber initiatives a $35M boost

Gov. Kathy Hochul said the extra investment would expand shared cybersecurity services to local governments.

Cyber ranges bolster IoT security

With hands-on training, state and local governments can better address the vulnerabilities of internet-connected devices.

States enter the quantum race

Chattanooga is leveraging its high-speed fiber for the first commercial quantum network, while Maryland builds a quantum ecosystem.

States target mainframes in legacy system modernization

Security, cost and workforce challenges have states looking to retire, rehost or outsource mainframe operations, according to a survey by the National Association of State Technology Directors.

FCC bans sale of new devices from Chinese companies Huawei, ZTE and others

Friday’s order to ban new sales and imports from five Chinese companies is the first time in its history that the agency has blocked the sale of telecommunications equipment on national security grounds.

It’s time-out for leap seconds: an expert explains why the tiny clock adjustments will be paused from 2035

Leap seconds once meant to synchronize the Coordinated Universal Time and Universal Time systems may be abandoned as scientists realize the dangers of computer systems that fail to correctly make the one-second adjustment.

CISA highlights space, bioeconomy as possible new critical infrastructure sectors

The agency also suggested existing sectors be consolidated and that there is a need for some agencies to exercise greater authority over private-sector entities.

Emerging tech can protect critical infrastructure from cyberattacks

A cyber-resilient digital infrastructure requires a combination of emerging technologies and risk mitigation, DARPA and CISA officials advise.

NIST on tap to improve cybersecurity of water systems

The National Institute of Standards and Technology hopes a new project will create a set of best practices to help the nation’s complex water and wastewater systems bolster their cybersecurity posture.