Data and Analytics

City bus reliability picks up with automatic vehicle location tech

Real-time location data increases the efficiency of bus operations and boosts rider trust.

An ‘automation-first mentality’ boosts customer service, reduces strain on staff

After the Avondale, Arizona, IT department automated its IT service desk, other departments are lining up to see how they can take advantage of the technology.

Faster, scalable triage for mass casualty incidents

DARPA is challenging innovators to develop advanced sensor and algorithm technology that can quickly assess the extent of an injury.

Denver taps into data hub for enlightened decision-making

A cloud-based enterprise data hub shows agencies what’s actually happening, rather than forcing them to make assumptions based on limited data.

Building an AI-ready staff starts with data literacy, training

Agencies must train their workforce to get the most out of emerging technology such as artificial intelligence, federal technologists and data experts advise.

Wearables to keep responders safe, boost resilience

The Department of Homeland Security is funding five startups that identify and resolve health and wellness issues before they reach a crisis level.

Urban climate lab makes holistic appraisal of resilience

The Baltimore Social-Environmental Collaborative will integrate environmental, health and community response data to drive potential climate solutions that support equity and resilience.

These hyperlocal weather networks can help states face climate threats

Thirty-eight states are building weather monitoring networks to collect localized data that helps identify weather extremes, preparing local leaders' responses to such events.

How data solves hospital system’s pain points

NYC Health and Hospitals’ data office focuses not on providing capabilities to customers, but on delivering services.

Climate projections everyone can understand

The Climate Risk and Resilience portal gives emergency managers nontechnical climate datasets and high-resolution, forward-looking climate insights.

AI, data analytics star as biggest planned investments for 2023

An industry forecast sampled private sector companies to distill where they plan to make emerging technology investments.

The basic questions bedeviling how states manage data

States have tons of data. But much of it is redundant and it’s sometimes hard to know where it is stored, who can access it and how it can be used.

Energy data to power state’s clean-energy economy

Integrating energy system and customer data, the Integrated Energy Data Resource will spur development of distributed energy resources, innovative use cases and utility operational efficiencies.

Algorithm analyzes escort ads to detect human trafficking

Researchers have developed an algorithm that identifies similarities in escort advertisements, which often indicates trafficking behavior.

Maryland to build weather data network

The Maryland Mesonet will provide real-time monitoring that will improve responses to weather-related disasters.

States opting out of a federal program that tracks teen behavior as youth mental health worsens

When states do not participate in Youth Risk Behavior surveys, it makes it difficult to track conditions or signals of poor mental health in adolescents, experts say.

Digital twins need more than infrastructure data, expert says

Real-time, bi-directional data can help cities determine not just what residents are doing – but why, according to the Smart Cities Council.