Elections and Voting

A scientist’s quest for an accessible, unhackable voting machine

After 19 years of work, Juan Gilbert says he has invented the most secure voting machine. Will anyone prove him wrong?

Malicious emails surged for election workers in 2 battleground states ahead of primaries

Research conducted by cybersecurity firm Trellix found that county election workers in Arizona and Pennsylvania saw an increase in phishing schemes ahead of their primary elections.

Malicious cyber activity is unlikely to compromise election infrastructure

"Extensive safeguards in place” will make it difficult for bad actors to interfere in upcoming midterm elections, according to a joint public service announcement from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and the FBI.

How simple claims of election interference can be enough to prompt real-world threats

Officials remain on guard against foreign meddling in U.S. elections, as CISA and other agencies work to strengthen partnerships and intelligence sharing efforts with state and local election administrators.

Election officials have been largely successful in deterring cyber threats, CISA official says

Public-private partnerships and enhanced resource sharing activities have been key to defending against outside threats to voting systems, according to the head of CISA’s National Risk Management Center.

Getting the word out on election security

Between rigorous testing and certification, risk-limiting audits and assistance from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, state and local elections are vastly more secure – even if the public doesn’t know it.

CISA hosts election security exercise ahead of 2022 midterm elections

State and local officials, along with representatives from federal agencies and election industry companies, participated in the “Tabletop the Vote” exercise to prepare for a range of hypothetical risks to election operations.

New Jersey joins multistate effort to clean up voter registration data

The state will send names, addresses, dates of birth, and a slew of other information about its voters to the Electronic Registration Information Center, which will compare them to data from other states to detect registrations that are no longer accurate.

Misinformation ‘harms nearly every element of election administration,’ committee report finds

State election officials said that they “need help at the federal level” to counter the threat.

3G retirement blamed for some delayed Michigan election results

The Wayne County Clerk’s Office said the March retirement was partly responsible for delayed reporting in 65 counties across the state.

Election info must be more accessible to disabled, survey says

Understanding how to better communicate with voters with disabilities – regardless of access to the internet – is crucial to making elections more accessible.

Election officials want to tell the public 'where the good guys won' in cyber efforts

As misinformation around the 2020 elections continues to swirl, state election officials say that DHS and CISA should do more to raise up ‘successes’ around efforts to mitigate vulnerabilities in voting systems.

Public tests of election equipment aim to thwart conspiracy theories

To confirm that all voting machines work properly and meet every state requirement, tests verify that each counting machine accurately tallies a predetermined, marked set of ballots.

Election laws in red and blue states are changing. Here's how

With primaries underway and this year's November elections approaching, lawmakers in Republican and Democratic states have overhauled laws to both increase and tighten ballot access.

Russian cyberattack could capitalize on election doubts

The U.S. has better cyber defenses than it did during the 2016 presidential election, but multifaceted efforts to delegitimize democracy and spread misinformation are creating new vulnerabilities.

Phishing scam targets election officials, FBI warns

Election officials in at least nine states received emails with attachments that redirected to credential harvesting sites.

Some states are making it harder to vote, some are making it easier – but it’s too soon to say if this will affect voter turnout in 2022

Most of the recent changes don’t make voting easier or harder. They make the process easier for the state and local officials who run elections.