Industry Insight

Long-term digital solutions can offset workforce shortage gaps

COMMENTARY | User-friendly technology platforms can help under-resourced agencies decrease their administrative burden and attract digital-savvy employees.

How blockchain can improve digital evidence collection and collaboration

Blockchain offers an immutable chain of custody that guarantees data integrity, prevents fraud and provides a transparent, auditable system of record for digital assets related to investigations.

Tech layoffs have opened the door for IT talent. Now governments must close the deal.

COMMENTARY | Human capital management solutions can improve candidate experience and help agencies streamline the hiring and onboarding processes.

Work with what you’ve got: Accelerating zero trust deployments

COMMENTARY | Because zero trust is founded on cybersecurity tenets like segmentation and identity management, state and local governments can adopt the strategy quickly and effectively.

Building scalable, cost-effective application security

COMMENTARY | Automated scanning and remediation platforms can identify, fix and prevent security gaps and vulnerabilities at the software application and development levels.

Understanding why government automation projects fail

COMMENTARY | A deep, data-driven analysis of workflows will give agencies a true, accurate and unbiased picture of actual operations and show where automation can streamline processes.

Getting started with targeted public health interventions

COMMENTARY | Data sharing that supports more granular analysis into the social factors that drive health inequities will help public health agencies offer targeted interventions to address them.

How states can prepare for the rise of cryptocurrency

COMMENTARY | By clarifying crypto tax requirements and thinking longer term about blockchain use cases, states can be ready for the distributed, decentralized internet.

How fleet management can boost overall data security and integrity

COMMENTARY | Cloud-based fleet management can provide actionable insights into productivity-related metrics, expenses and asset ROI.

From silos to seamless: How state governments deliver personalized services

COMMENTARY | By harnessing existing data, agencies can deliver best-in-class experiences that enable residents to get the most out of their government interactions.

The future of identity is reusable and distributed

New distributed digital identity solutions give users greater control over their personal information and ensure much needed services reach the people they're intended to help.

3 ways governments can regain citizens’ trust

Transparency, efficiency and accountability are the key ingredients to rebuilding confidence.

Ransomware attacks may be tough to stop, but here’s how to recover

Agencies must deploy forward-thinking, proactive data protection plans that are adaptable to constantly changing operational conditions.

Defense against file-based malware

Content disarm and reconstruction technology essentially shifts the focus from file-based malware detection to prevention by applying a zero-trust framework to data.

The front lines of government cybersecurity defense

Because employees can be an agency's weakest link or strongest cyber advocate, repeated emphasis on cyber risks and mitigation practices helps build a culture of cybersecurity.

Open-source intelligence: The new frontier of digital investigations

End-to-end open source intelligence solutions that can automatically collect, analyze and structure information in a user-friendly way can help investigators get actionable insights from mountains of online data.

Harnessing data can help cities reduce homelessness

By leaning into digital and focusing on unlocking their data, governments can more easily connect individuals with the resources that keep them from sliding into homelessness.