Intelligence Agencies

CIA, Google fund Web analysis firm

In-Q-Tel and Google Ventures are investing in Recorded Future, a company whose technology monitors the Web in real time and develops predictions of future events from that content.

Intell chief denies charges of too many contractors

Reacting to a Washington Post series, the director of national intelligence said contractors are key but are not doing inherently governmental work.

Spymasters in search of forecasting software to enhance intell analysis

The research organization for intelligence agencies wants organizations to propose research to develop methods that provide more accurate, precise and timely intelligence forecasts.

Wanted: A better system for intelligence collection

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity's Smart Collection office wants to fund research into ways to make collected intelligence more valuable.

Officers to get guidelines for open-source intell

Officials are drawing up guidance and certifications for people in the country's intelligence agencies who develop open-source intelligence.

New DOD cyber commander seeks better situational awareness

Army Gen. Keith Alexander says the Defense Department needs a common, real-time, understanding of what's happening across its many computer networks.

DHS releases new details on Einstein 3 intrusion prevention pilot

The Homeland Security Department plans to use another agency and an Internet Service Provider to test capabilities and processes for its planned next generation network security program.

Information handcuffs: Counterterrorism IT needs support from the top, Congress told

Intelligence agencies face policy and privacy questions as they look to harness IT to fix problems identified after the failed Christmas Day bombing attempt.

U.S. would lose a cyber war, former intell chief warns

The country needs to make a national commitment to securing cyberspace before a catastropic attack occurs.

Cyber threat growing at unprecedented rate, intell chief says

Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair today gave a blunt assessment of the many cyber threats faced by U.S. government and private-sector networks.

3 basic steps to thwart most cyberattacks, courtesy of NSA

Three key practices can help systems withstand about 80 percent of commonly-known attack mechanisms, according to an estimate from the National Security Agency.

Web 2.0 review could lead to restricted use of social networking in DOD

A review on how social media should be used at the Defense Department will likely lead to a policy that allows the use of Web 2.0 tools with restrictions due to security concerns, according to a DOD spokesman.