IT Modernization

What’s next in government tech

Blockchain, artificial intelligence and augmented and virtual reality offer agencies new opportunities, but modernizing legacy infrastructure will be key, a recent report says.

How one state pays down technical debt

Colorado made reducing tech debt its top “Wildly Important Goal” because it presents security, customer experience and workforce risks and impedes digital transformation.

Agencies climb cloud learning curve amid post-COVID realities

Digital transformation and staffing challenges are pushing state and local agencies into cloud-first strategies and more IT outsourcing, a new report found.

Efficient public safety demands evolving tech

Modern cloud, mobile and data analysis tools are key to streamlined, professional police work, a new survey found.

States target mainframes in legacy system modernization

Security, cost and workforce challenges have states looking to retire, rehost or outsource mainframe operations, according to a survey by the National Association of State Technology Directors.

California looks to reshape recycling IT

CalRecycle is planning an enterprisewide system that can track, regulate and monitor recyclables.

Updated UI system to provide faster service, fraud detection

The Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency is replacing its decade-old system with one that can streamline UI benefits processing and detect fraud.

Government makes good strides for cloud migration, report finds

According to the report, government and the public sector are strong in their cloud migration efforts, but lagging behind the private sector in other areas of digital modernization.

AI, data analytics star as biggest planned investments for 2023

An industry forecast sampled private sector companies to distill where they plan to make emerging technology investments.

How to keep a complex cloud and on-prem ecosystem on track

Keeping to a true north, taking an open or closed approach and managing the change will help keep modernization projects under control, state and local CIOs advise.

How one city’s IT team keeps up with rapid growth

Salt Lake City is adapting to new residents and workers by focusing on customer experience, easing hybrid work challenges and rethinking IT staffing.

Massachusetts moves from data center ‘hodgepodge’ to cloud-driven model

To modernize and standardize its infrastructure, the commonwealth is moving its data and applications from more than 20 data centers to the cloud.

Google looks to simplify mainframe-to-cloud migration

Dual Run for Google Cloud reduces the risk of transferring mainframe data and applications to the cloud.

County cleans up ‘a hot mess’ with cloud-based ERP and HR systems

By challenging “the way we always did it” and traditional procurement strategies, Dauphin County will replace manual, time-consuming processes with more efficient, problem-solving solutions.

Cities and states bristle over proposal to change how they report on finances

Congress is weighing a plan that calls for overhauling how state and local government financial data is made public, stirring worries about new costs for software and staff. But supporters of the revamp say it’s long overdue.

How one agency’s cloud migration smoothed the path for others

After Georgia’s Department of Revenue successfully moved operations from an on-prem data center to the cloud, other agencies are applying lessons from that migration to their own efforts.

NASCIO: States must ‘hyper-focus’ on IT modernization

The flood of federal funding combined with service delivery gaps exposed by the pandemic creates a modernization imperative, according to a new report.