IT Modernization

Local leaders feel cloud migration pressure, survey says

With applications now offered as cloud-only services, many local government IT executives said they felt they had little choice but to move to the cloud.

Pension systems’ built-in modernization deadline: IT staff retirements

The Washington Department of Retirement Systems is modernizing its pension administration infrastructure before the soon-to-be retirees managing it take their skills and knowledge with them.

Cloud adoption gains traction in states

Almost 90% of state CIOs said cloud use is picking up steam, according to the initial results of a survey by NASCIO and Accenture released this week.

Clean up technical debt before chasing shiny objects, state CTO advises

While it may be tempting to roll out flashy user-facing features, investing in the back-end infrastructure is even more important.

State health data sharing limited by access to broadband, staff and funds

While some states have made strides advancing their health information exchanges, obstacles remain, especially for small and rural providers, according to the Government Accountability Office.

How a shift to the cloud streamlined one state’s professional licensing

It used to take months to license health care professionals in Wisconsin, but after migrating to the cloud, staff can now easily process more than 200 types of credentials and licenses.

Transit agency’s cloud-based customer service boosts efficiency, visibility

New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s new system better manages passenger feedback, giving MTA more insight into its riders’ needs.

Cyberattack accelerates county’s modernization, cloud push

Last year’s ransomware attack showed “cloud averse” employees in New York’s Suffolk County the benefits of moving away from legacy technology.

Better ID management could help DMVs become ‘departments of citizen engagement’

Modernizing legacy technology, embracing self service and easing cross-agency authentication can help departments of motor vehicles provide better and more efficient customer experience.

Iowa agency realignment includes tech tweaks

The new law calls for the consolidation of common tech services and makes the Iowa Communications Network a non-cabinet agency.

Reducing health disparities through effective data management

COMMENTARY | Data management solutions can help public health agencies effectively organize, analyze and optimize the value of their data.

Modernization takes agencies from service providers to service brokers

Enterprise IT teams should focus on making services easier for staff and residents to access and engage with, one state CIO said.

White House pitches $1.6B in anti-fraud funding

The anti-fraud proposal includes funds to modernize state governments’ benefits systems, identity verification and data analytics capabilities.

House Republicans offer proposal to claw back unemployment modernization funding

Lawmakers sparred over a proposal to pull back Labor Department funding from the American Rescue Plan Act for unemployment modernization.

Modernization needs partners inside, outside government

Local leaders say they need buy-in from users as well as partners who can walk them through modernization.

Congress told HHS to set up a health data network in 2006. The agency still hasn’t.

Technological and financial challenges have prevented the development of a national health data system, but experts worry the lack of effort could have negative consequences for future health crises.

Survey: CIOs feel elevated, consider themselves ‘changemakers’

The survey found more than 3 in 4 chief information officers believe their roles have been elevated in response to recent economic times.