Program Management

GCN Award winners emphasize teamwork and the next generation

As a black-tie crowd of government and industry IT luminaries gathered at the GCN Awards Gala, common themes were teamwork, public service and the important contributions of the younger generation.

North Carolina gets its IT portfolio under control

Project management software lets the state's PMO dashboard its projects, score them against strategic goals and save money in the process.

OMB's 25-point plan changing the way agencies manage IT

Three federal agency IT leaders offer a snapshot of how they are implementing aspects of the government's 25-point IT plan.

The ins and outs of security management design

Security management design is a service provider's method for collecting, maintaining and dispensing reliable information about programs and services throughout the information lifecycle.

Army's new modernization plan: IT on a tight budget

With its 2012 Modernization Plan, the Army is taking a close look at how it will use its fiscal 2012 budget to achieve its most critical goals and re-balance the force.

Kundra's departure could put federal IT projects at risk

Vivek Kundra has been a forceful leader for change in federal IT. What will happen to the efforts now underway when he leaves the federal CIO post in August?

Federal CIO Vivek Kundra leaving White House

Federal CIO Vivek Kundra has been the most prominent force for technology in the Obama administration, but he is about to step down.

Administration to shutter 1,000 federal websites

The Obama administration is sharpening the blade for duplicative federal websites.

The 67 percent solution: A CIO confronts the budget squeeze

EPA's new CIO, Malcolm Jackson, proposes five steps to making progress on IT during a time of doing "three things with the same dollars that we used to do two things with."

EPA's 5 priorities for IT success

The EPA's CIO has set five priorities for driving IT management in a time of fiscal restraint.

Next-generation governance is the key to future IT success

Current governance techniques were devised in a less-connected age. The path forward lies in next-generation governance — not as a mere catch phrase, but as a tactile, sustainable method of operations, write Fred Knops and Mike Isman of Booz Allen Hamilton.

Obama proposes slight boost for IT spending in 2012

The Obama administration is taking on several programs to keep IT projects in line with its goals as it introduces its fiscal 2012 budget proposal.

Data security: Why the usual solutions fall short

The public seems amazed by the type and amount of sensitive information that is available to people who should not have access to it, but security professionals are not, writes security consultant Shon Harris.

Massachusetts legislators blocked from office Twitter use

Lawmakers and their staffs at the state capitol in Massachusetts are being blocked from using Twitter in their offices, according to a news report.

Why states should share the load of federal IT mandates

Departing Minnesota CIO Gopal Khanna talks about IT innovation in tight budgets and says multistate projects can help handle federal IT mandates.

What's right and what's wrong with IT reform plans

The CIO Council's plan for reforming IT management offers significant improvements but is weak in a few areas.

Agile development efforts at 2 agencies running hot and cold

The government's early agile efforts are well intentioned but miss the mark, reviewers say.