Ransomware hits NJ school district

The attack forced the cancellation of finals and gave students a lesson in old-school learning.

Better public-private partnerships could prevent major ransomware attacks, crypto insiders say

Cryptocurrency industry execs stressed their commitment to collaborating with law enforcement to track ransomware payments.

States try incentive-based cybersecurity

Organizations that conform to recognized cybersecurity frameworks can avoid facing punitive damages in the event of a cyberattack, panelists at RSA said.

Brush up on phishing detection to prevent ransomware

With ransomware commonly entering state and local IT networks through phishing emails, employees must learn to spot social engineering scams, a new report says.

Ransomware coming for IoT devices, researchers warn

In a demonstration project, researchers breached a networked IP camera and gained access to IT and operational technology infrastructure to plant ransomware executables.

Agencies lack data on ransomware payments

A new report details the role cryptocurrencies play in incentivizing ransomware attacks and the government’s response.

Ransomware attacks on hospitals put patients at risk

The University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington, Vt., was hit by a massive ransomware attack during the COVID-19 pandemic. A growing number of health care systems have faced cyberattacks.

Ransomware attacks more frequent, damaging and costly

Attackers targeting state and local governments demanded the lowest ransom payments of any sector surveyed, but victims were more likely to pay, according to a recent report.

NC prohibits agencies from paying ransoms

State and local government agencies in North Carolina may not submit payments to -- or even communicate with -- someone who has encrypted their IT systems. Other states are considering similar legislation.

Ransomware tests local governments

Malicious actors increasingly target smaller governments that lack sufficient cyber defenses, risking the operation of critical public services.

FBI urges local agencies to prepare for ransomware attacks

To fend off attacks and avoid unnecessary exposure, the FBI issued a notice calling on local governments to deploy timely patching, awareness campaigns and regular encrypted backups.

Ransomware now encrypts so fast it ‘will burn the house down’

A new study found that ransomware can encrypt 54 GB in 43 minutes, an extremely limited window of mitigation, especially considering it takes about three days for compromises to be detected.

Financial regulator says use of crypto helps—not hurts—ransomware investigations

While cryptocurrency is preferred by ransomware perpetrators because of its perceived anonymity, it has significant visibility and investigative benefits over opaque banking, a FinCEN official told a Senate committee.

CISA warns of ransomware gang, issues indicators of compromise

Processes spurred by the Ragnar Locker Ransomware have affected at least 52 critical infrastructure organizations since January, but will terminate if it encounters systems in certain Russian and near-Russian locations.

FBI: Ransomware attackers have code to halt critical infrastructure

Monitoring remote access technology will be especially important for limiting the reach of malicious actors, allied cybersecurity agencies said in a report on trends they’ve observed over the last year in a booming ransomware industry.

Maryland Health Department hit with ransomware

For more than two weeks, COVID surveillance data wasn't released publicly, and many day-to-day operational services are still unavailable.