State and Local

The data platform behind intelligent transportation

The stream of enriched data from connected vehicle devices and intelligent transportation systems will support scores of applications drawing on real-time and historic analysis of road and traffic conditions.

Governors tighten IT cybersecurity amid Ukraine attacks

Governors in Texas, Colorado, New York and North Carolina are calling on their IT departments to ensure critical infrastructure is protected.

Labor Department defends response to states' unemployment fraud

The department says it's working on fixes after criminals siphoned billions in improper benefit payments.

FirstNet should be reauthorized before it sunsets, GAO says

Any significant changes to the public safety broadband network would be complex, expensive and may disrupt services delivery if the contract with AT&T is interrupted or changed before 2042, GAO warned.

Wireless data reduces high-speed accidents at intersections

Wireless data transmitted between oncoming vehicles and traffic signals is allowing researchers to dynamically change the duration of green lights to prevent accidents.

NY launches joint cybersecurity center to strengthen coordination

The Joint Security Operations Center will bring federal, state, county and local cybersecurity data sharing efforts under one umbrella to improve incident response and provide a holistic view of the cyber-threat landscape.

Democratic senators call for $5B in federal funds for election security

The money would go to cities and counties to modernize outdated equipment and upgrade cybersecurity.

Labor, USDS pilot new unemployment insurance tech

A pilot project underway in New Jersey and Arkansas focusing on the experience of claimants for unemployment insurance is new territory for the Department of Labor. The agency is working with the United States Digital Service to develop pieces of tech for states to use in unemployment claims.

Seattle takes on double parking with curbside data

An open-source specification that shares curbside data on loading zones will help the city reduce congestion and make it easier for delivery drivers to find usable spaces.

Cyber primer for local leaders

The Center for Technology in Government has created a basic, no-nonsense primer to help local leaders identify, respond to and recover from security breaches.

Ransomware routed by fast-acting, info-sharing Texans

Thanks to federal, state and local government coordination, security teams were able to get 23 Texas municipalities hit with ransomware in 2019 back in business in eight days.

Evidence-based policing platform boosts state police effectiveness

A SAS platform aggregates and analyzes data from multiple sources and enables role-based access to organizational data, traffic citations, criminal incidents and statewide calls for law enforcement service.

Procurement: The 'tip of the spear' for cybersecurity

State and local procurement staff must diversify their supply chains, mitigate third-party risks and create transparency in their systems by identifying and prioritizing the protection of their most important assets, experts say.

NY spearheads regional, data-driven approach to tracing illegal guns

The state plans to improve data analysis and information sharing with neighboring states, federal agencies and local law enforcement partners and beef up the analytical capabilities of the State Police.

Free cybersecurity tools for state, local governments

Free cybersecurity tools are available state, local, tribal and territorial government members of the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center and the Elections Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center – they just need to know to ask for them, experts said.

What responders really think about communications tech

Easy access to data from an extensive survey of over 7,000 first responders can inform development and deployment of public safety communications technology.

Montana builds data-driven broadband coverage map

The state has contracted with LightBox, a real estate information and technology platform, to use its SmartFabric solution that integrates the company's core parcel, building footprint, address file and geocoding data with points of interest, cell phone location and tax assessor details.