traffic management

Smart cameras ID bus lane violators

To increase bus speeds in Washington, D.C., Metrobuses will be outfitted with automated cameras to spot and help process infractions.

IoT network delivers real-time data on parking availability

Data from low-power internet-of-things sensors buried under 4,500 on-street parking spaces will help Arlington County better understand the feasibility of demand-based pricing for metered curb space.

Connected vehicle data can improve traffic safety

Information gathered from vehicle sensors can efficiently inform decisions about road safety strategies.

Do traffic signals need a fourth light for self-driving cars?

A white glow could help traffic flow. Scientists propose adding a white light to traffic signals could keep roads safe as autonomous vehicles become more popular.

Smart street pilots aim to curb parking violations

Chicago plans to use cameras to enforce parking rules, boost safety for pedestrians and cyclists and streamline operations in commercial loading zones.

Tech keeps city’s fleet vehicles within speed limits

Active intelligent speed assistance technology has kept drivers from speeding and cut hard braking by more than a third, New York City Mayor Eric Adams said.