Web Applications

Why is ICANN selling government-sounding domain names?

An investment group that applied for 307 generic top-level domains, including .army, .airforce and .medical, is raising concerns over the potential for fraud.

Government’s new second language: XML

The Extensible Markup Language, which encodes documents to be both human- and machine-readable, has become government's go-to format.

Google drops apps support for IE 8, stranding XPers

Google announced it was discontinuing support for Google Apps, Google Apps for Business, Education and Government running on Internet Explorer 8, likely stranding the many XP users in government.

White House releases code to updated mobile app

Source code for iOS and Android developers is available on GitHub.

Time to give up on Java?

The zero-day window for the latest Java vulnerability has officially closed, but agencies still have to decide whether the benefits of running Java on their computers outweigh the risks.

Government's move to digital leaves the poor out in the cold, study says

GPO's transition from ink-on-paper to online documents leaves millions who don't have broadband Internet access without adequate access to government resources, according to the Center for Study of Responsive Law.

Zero-day exploit hits Java – should you just turn it off?

The flaw in the ubiquitous programming language is being exploited with the Poison Ivy RAT from servers in China and might not be patched until October.

Top 10 datasets on data.gov

Of the nearly 1,300 datasets currently on Data.gov, you might be surprised which are the "most relevant."

DOD plans massive database of human research

Expanded PROMIS, developed the the Office of Naval Research, would track human studies throughout the department.

Typical Web app is attacked 274 times a year, study finds

If your agency delivers information and services through website applications, be ready for plenty of "battle days," according to an Imperva study.

FBI warns of drive-by attacks from Reveton virus

The ransomware can download from a compromised website and freeze a user's computer, demanding that they pay a 'fine.'

When Mars Curiosity landing spiked online traffic, NASA was ready

Officials at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory used Amazon Web Services to stream video and images from the landing, knowing they could shut it down afterward.

NCI gets agile in developing mobile website

IT leaders decided against responsive design, at least for now, but embraced agile development.

How one agency followed its users onto the mobile Web

The National Cancer Institute's website wasn't mobile friendly, but that didn't stop visits via mobile devices from increasing fivefold in six months.

If agencies could tap World of Warcraft

People have spent 6 million years of man-hours playing World of Warcraft. NOAA's Eric Hackathorn wonders: "What if we put that effort towards something real?"

Census API opens data to developers

The bureau's first public API will let developers make use of Census statistics, and let people and local governments make use of the apps developers create.

State is first to allow voter registration via Facebook

Washington developed an app with Facebook and Microsoft that lets users get to online voter registration forms via social media.