White House

White House wants input on crypto tech R&D agenda

The feedback will inform priorities for developing digital asset technologies, including potential for a central bank digital currency.

Plan for federal AI research and development resource emphasizes diversity in innovation

The National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource Task Force released its operating framework, making the case for implementation.

White House launches post-quantum cryptography migration

New guidance from the Office of Management and Budget outlined the initial steps for migrating high-risk systems to quantum-resistant algorithms.

White House looks to government and community data collaboration to promote equity

The administration wants to hear how best to encourage collaborations that facilitate producing, accessing and using equitable data.

Biden administration launches new component to internet expansion

The Internet for All program utilizes funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill to deploy internet connectivity nationwide.

The plan to secure open source software

The open source community outlined key initiatives that can immediately address goals for hardening the software supply chain.

White House warns of potential Russian cyberattack based on new intel

Distressed by the continued lack of cybersecurity basics implemented in critical infrastructure sectors, the White House issued “a call to action.”

NIST suggests agencies accept the word of software producers per executive order

The standards agency said an attestation from vendors themselves would be sufficient when screening for cybersecurity, unless an agency's risk calculus suggests otherwise.

White House follows its own order, gets to 'green' on IPv6

With just days to go before OMB's deadline for agencies to enable public facing resources with IPv6, the White House complies.

Dem, GOP platforms expose divide over cyber defense

Acknowledging Congress' failure to pass cybersecurity legislation, Democrats assert the president’s willingness to act on his own through executive order.

White House releases code to updated mobile app

Source code for iOS and Android developers is available on GitHub.

GOP platform: Sell off government spectrum

The pro-business platform calls for auctioning off surplus RF spectrum and condemns government regulation of the Internet — except when it should be regulated.

White House marks digital gov strategy’s first milestones

The comprehensive Digital Government Strategy, which lays out actions in a 12-month roadmap, reaches its first quarter as agencies create pages to update their progress in meeting the benchmarks.

Government runs on IT, regardless of who is in office

A survey of government officials indicates that it is cost savings — not politics — that drives technology purchasing.

Students 3D print a boat from milk jugs -- are jetliners next?

If a student team can build a homemade 3D printer that can produce a boat, the administration's $60 million foray into advanced manufacturing technology could hold promise.

Census API opens data to developers

The bureau's first public API will let developers make use of Census statistics, and let people and local governments make use of the apps developers create.

White House digital strategy hits the mark

Behind the plan are all the pieces for a robust, 21st-century platform.