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Stephanie Kanowitz

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Stephanie Kanowitz is a freelance writer based in northern Virginia.
Cloud & Infrastructure

City builds a future-facing tech foundation

Coral Gables, Florida, wants its applications to be state-of-the-art, evergreen, user-centric, cloud-based, mobile-accessible and horizontally integrated.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Damage assessment tool streamlines data collection for disaster prep, response, recovery

The latest version of Accela’s damage assessment cloud service automates reporting and permitting workflow processes and uses external data to help municipalities identify the areas and structures most at risk.


Phishing defense, one simulated email at a time

With a platform that trains staff not to click on links in seemingly relevant emails, San Francisco cut the click rate on test emails by 50% in the first 18 months.

Cloud & Infrastructure

IoT network streamlines state DOT traffic monitoring

With a cloud-based network management platform and cellular routers, the Indiana Transportation Department can easily monitor its statewide network of internet-of-things devices.


Why you should consider outcome-based security

Agencies can better align their cybersecurity and business priorities when they have affordable risk management solutions that deliver measurable results.

Data & Analytics

Building better maps with open data on building heights

To inform broadband buildouts, positioning of solar panels and development of digital twins, state and local agencies can now tap into open building height data.

Cloud & Infrastructure

County’s integrated platform delivers client-focused social services

With HSD Dynamics, Maricopa County can easily share data with APIs, track metrics and automate manual tasks to ensure residents get the services they need.

Emerging Tech

Digital twins for cities promising, yet problematic

Complex systems like digital twins pose both technical and adaptive challenges, so communities must ensure they have both the right technology and the people with skills to use and maintain them, a new IDC report advises.

Emerging Tech

Engagement, access, equity drive city’s evolution

Waterloo, Iowa, has 12 smart city projects lined up based on four pillars: e-government, sustainability, transportation and public safety.

Emerging Tech

ChatGPT can rapidly build solutions for network defense

A new report outlines how the generative AI tool can quickly build scripts to thwart attackers and identify security vulnerabilities, but stresses that secure and responsible use of the evolving technology is essential.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Wildlife management migrates to the cloud

Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources relies on cloud services to process the massive amounts of location data it needs to analyze real-time movements of elk.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Cloud security gap: Shadow, orphan and democratized data

When agencies can’t keep track of data across their cloud environment, they expose even more entry points to attackers.

Cloud & Infrastructure

State and local agencies weigh procurement outsourcing

Facing a shrinking workforce and a largely paper-based procurement processes, more public sector agencies are pushing routine purchasing tasks to third parties.

Emerging Tech

Buyer beware: Avoid immature AI solutions

Given the sensitivity of the data state and local governments handle, procurement officers must educate themselves on the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and use caution when considering AI services.

Emerging Tech

Smarter local airports via digital twins

Digital twins can help airport planners effectively manage future renovation projects, monitor daily operations and visualize future scenarios.

Cloud & Infrastructure

How regions can pivot from carbon- to tech-based economies

Shifting a regional economy is a long-term commitment that requires data-based strategies, economic and racial inclusion and significant, sustained investment in education, a recent report says.

Data & Analytics

AI project targets hidden tax shelters

By flagging unintended consequences of changes to tax policies, AI researchers hope to shut down tax shelters used by sophisticated tax dodgers.

Emerging Tech

Smart city lab tests IoT network to protect pedestrians, cyclists

Integrating both cars and pedestrians into an internet-of-things ecosystem ensures vulnerable road users are seen and drivers are alerted to their presence.

Public Safety

VR drives next-gen situational awareness for public safety

The winner of NIST’s challenge developed a digital twin of a command center that gives remote users access to the center’s large-format video walls and 3D tools through a head-mounted display.


Most multicloud troubles are self-inflicted, security researchers say

Threat actors are targeting cloud security gaps caused by misconfigurations, lack of authentication and malicious open-source packages.