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Stephanie Kanowitz

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Stephanie Kanowitz is a freelance writer based in northern Virginia.
Cloud & Infrastructure

Michigan embraces ‘Clean Slate’ program without applications

State officials aim to automatically expunge certain criminal records to remove hurdles to jobs and housing.

Cloud & Infrastructure

SAFHER cloud-based platform for regulating food and agriculture comes closer to fruition

The System for Agriculture, Food, Health, E-Inspections, and Registration enterprise platform will replace the legacy systems USA Food Safety and USA Plants.

Cloud & Infrastructure

‘If we can do it, why can’t you?’ local gov tech veteran asks

Jack Kennedy reflects on a career breaking the mold and bringing innovation to rural Virginia’s Wise County and City of Norton Circuit Court.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Lifting efficiency and innovation with an enterprise platform

One large agency’s hybrid digital platform helped it overcome challenges related to its structure, risk aversion and culture.

Emerging Tech

City bus reliability picks up with automatic vehicle location tech

Real-time location data increases the efficiency of bus operations and boosts rider trust.

Cloud & Infrastructure

More with less: City cuts back website, increases engagement

A customer-focused information architecture helped Olathe improve customer experience for residents and streamline workflow for staff.


Demand for rapid cyber improvements drives agencies’ 2023 plans

Despite challenges from budget cycles, regulations and outdated procurement processes, state and local government agencies urgently need cyber solutions that improve operations and cut costs, a recent report says.

Cloud & Infrastructure

How states integrate GIS and elections

Despite accelerated timelines and lack of GIS-trained staff, states have geocoded voter addresses, assigned voters to newly redrawn precincts and improved transparency for voters and elections officials.

Cloud & Infrastructure

How one state pays down technical debt

Colorado made reducing tech debt its top “Wildly Important Goal” because it presents security, customer experience and workforce risks and impedes digital transformation.

Cloud & Infrastructure

StateRAMP launches early assessment program

With the Security Snapshot, governments can understand the current maturity of a cloud product’s security, and providers get insights to help them achieve StateRAMP Ready or Authorized status.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Denver taps into data hub for enlightened decision-making

A cloud-based enterprise data hub shows agencies what’s actually happening, rather than forcing them to make assumptions based on limited data.

Emerging Tech

The most future-ready US cities

Cities that leverage data, partnerships and emerging technologies can best adapt to changing citizen expectations, a new report found.

Data & Analytics

How to reduce citizen harm from automated decision systems

For agencies that use automated systems to inform decisions about schools, social services and medical treatment, it’s imperative that they’re using technology that protects data.

Cloud & Infrastructure

By predicting ‘disgusting algal blooms,’ water district hopes to head off damage

The South Florida Water Management District is combining its observational data with satellite imagery and Google Public Sector’s Climate Insights to predict the formation of harmful algal blooms.

Data & Analytics

How data solves hospital system’s pain points

NYC Health and Hospitals’ data office focuses not on providing capabilities to customers, but on delivering services.

Cloud & Infrastructure

How to keep a complex cloud and on-prem ecosystem on track

Keeping to a true north, taking an open or closed approach and managing the change will help keep modernization projects under control, state and local CIOs advise.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Cold-War missile defense site heats up state’s data center economy, onsite gardens

After sitting unused for decades, the 300,000-square-foot, mostly underground building will be converted to a secure data center whose excess C02 and heat will support an indoor greenhouse.

Data & Analytics

Failure is inevitable, so why not learn from it?

Agencies that can “fail forward” learn to identify, analyze and communicate about how projects fall flat and work toward innovative solutions to complex government problems.

Data & Analytics

Online experience monitoring: From the ‘squeaky wheel’ to real-time web metrics

Miami-Dade County digs into real-time feedback and web-experience surveys to better understand the citizen’s digital journey and deliver better customer experience.

Cloud & Infrastructure

How one city’s IT team keeps up with rapid growth

Salt Lake City is adapting to new residents and workers by focusing on customer experience, easing hybrid work challenges and rethinking IT staffing.